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RTOM moongel damper pads

Rtom moongel damper pads RTOM moongel damper pads

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RTOM moongel damper pads 

Over 25 years ago Moongel was developed to stop overtones and "ring"-sound where drummers have been struggling with for a long time. The self-adhesive gel sticks to the surface of drums, cymbals and most percussion instruments.

By simply moving the damping pad around the surface, you can eliminate unwanted overtones to get the exact sound you are looking for. Whether it is during a live performance, a drum session or a studio recording, Moongel helps to create the perfect sound.

The strength of Moongel is its simplicity and flexibility. It can be cut to the desired size for minimal dampening or extra dampening by adding multiple gel pads. Moongel is very effective on cymbals and can even be used on the resonant head.

RTOM moongel damper pads features:

• 6 gel pads
• durable plastic carrying case 
• Non-toxic
• Self-adhesive
• Reusable and washable