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Sonor AQ2 martini drum set (WHP) lease

Sonor AQ2 Martini set (WHP) verhuur Sonor AQ2 martini drum set (WHP) lease

€ 100.00 tax included


Sonor AQ2 martini drum set WHP (lease)

deposit: 250,00 euro
rent / month: 100,00 euro
purchase option: 200,00 euro

The Sonor AQ2 martini drum kit can be rent for 6 months for 100,00 euro a month. After 6 months you decide wether you want to return the drum kit (you get the deposit back) or you want to buy the drum kit. When buying the drum kit the deposit and paid rent is part of the payment. In total you pay: deposit + 6 months rent + purchase

With the Sonor AQ2-series drums you sound like a professional. The AQ2 serie is made from 100% maple shells, equipped with the new SmartMount tom suspension. An example of German technology.

The Sonor AQ2 is available in five standard configurations, all with 7-ply maple shells (4 ply of Canadian maple, 3 ply of Chinese maple). All shells have the same fittings and finishes so the serie is very flexible and the shells can be mixed throughout the AQ2 series.

The drums from the AQ2 series are equipped with newly designed shell hardware and a tom mounting system: the SmartMount. This minimalist but extremely functional holder is the result of genuine German design and technology: optimal sound reproduction with minimal hardware on the drum shell.

available colors: WHP (white pearl)

Sonor AQ2 Martini drum set features:

• 100% maple shells
• chrome finish
• smart mount tom suspension
• Sonor tom / cymbal holder
• Dixon hardware set

Sonor AQ2 Martini drum set configuration:

• BD: 14x13
• TT: 8x7
• FT: 13x12
• SD: 12x5
• Meinl HCS cymbal set 14HH 16 20