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drum rent / lease

Drum rent / lease (available in Belgium and The Netherlands)

The purchase of a drum kit is quite an investment, especially for novice musicians instrument first want to try for a while.
That's why we offer at a3drums the opportunity to rent a drum or lease a drum kit.
The main advantage of leasing is that you do not have to immediately pay the full amount, but can choose to buy the drums after the rental period.


    We have opted for a clear and transparent formula for hiring. So you know exactly how much you pay.
    The rental contract is 6 months.
    After the contract you can choose to to buy the drum kit or to return the drum.
    The rent of the drum is billed monthly.
    When you choose to buy the drums, the deposit will not be refunded but settled in the balance.
    The total price you pay is : deposit + 6 months rent + purchase option

    Different models are available to rent.
    For other drum sets, cymbals and hardware we can make a quotation. (info@a3drums.eu)

    All of our rental drum kits are also available for immediate purchase in our webshop in the category drum sets.