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Gretsch energy drum kit (lease)

Gretsch Energy drumstel verhuur Gretsch energy drum kit (lease)

€ 80.00 tax included


Gretsch energy drum kit (lease)

deposit: 200,00 euro
rent / month: 80,00 euro
purchase option: 100,00 euro

The Gretsch Energy drum kit can be rent for 6 months for 80,00 euro a month. After 6 months you decide wether you want to return the drum kit (you get the deposit back) or you want to buy the drum kit. When buying the drum kit the deposit and paid rent is part of the payment. In total you pay: deposit + 6 months rent + purchase

The Gretsch energy drum set is a great starter kit with all the great Gretsch features.This drum kit is a full kit ready to go, ideal for new starting drummers who want to learn to play the drums.
This drum set comes with 5 pcs hardware package (hihat stand, 2 cymbal stands, drum pedal, snare drum stand) and cymbals included (13" hihat, 16" crash and 20" ride).
The shells are made of 7-ply poplar wood with 30° bearing edges. The toms are equipped with 1,6mm triple flanged hoops and all drum heads are made by Remo.

Gretsch energy drumset configuration:

BD : 20"x16"
TT : 10"x7"
TT : 12"x8x
FT : 14"x14"
SD : 14"x5,5" 

Gretsch energy drumset features:

• wood type : Poplar 7-ply 
• bearing edges : 30°
• hoops : 1,6mm triple flanged
• drumheads : remo