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Premier Genista maple series Stage kit DWF (lease)

Premier Genista maple series Stage kit huur Premier Genista maple series Stage kit DWF (lease)

€ 120.00 tax included



Premier Genista maple series Stage kit (lease)

deposit: 350,00 euros
rent / month: 120,00 euros
purchase: 250,00 EUR

The Premier Genista Maple stage kit can be rent for 6 months for 120,00 euro a month. After 6 months you decide wether you want to return the drum kit (you get the deposit back) or you want to buy the drum kit. When buying the drum kit the deposit and paid rent is part of the payment. In total you pay: deposit + 6 months rent + purchase

History is repeating itself with the relaunch of Genista Series. Through the '90s, Genista was the first choice for aspiring and professional drummers alike. Reintroduced in 2010, the Genista Series remains classic and distinctive in its sound and design but with more options available than ever before.
The shells are 5.6mm 7-ply thick and like all professional Premier drums, the toms and floor toms are 3mm undersized for easier, more-positive tuning and clearer sound quality. The shell finish is impeccable with a choice of stunning sparkle lacquers, high gloss lacquers or classic wraps and all internally lacquered.
What makes the Genista truly iconic is the distinctive lug design, finished in Diamond Chrome and perfectly complimented by the legendary 'P' badge. 
American maple shells are fitted with a new die-cast ISO mount in Diamond Chrome whilst the American birch feature the more traditional mounting upon the shell to enhance the quality of the birch shell.
Premier's new Supersonic drumheads are fitted as standard.

Premier Genista maple series Stage configurations:
TT: 10"x8"
TT: 12"x9"     
FT: 16"x16"   
BD: 22"x18"
SD: 14"x5,5"

Premier Genista maple series Stage kit features:
• American maple 
• 5.6mm 7-ply un-supported shells
• 3mm undersize (tom and floor toms)
• Internally lacquered shell
• Iconic Genista Diamond Chrome lugs
• Die-cast ISO mount 
• 2.3mm triple-flange steel hoops
• Integral memory lock
• Legendary 'P' badge
• Supersonic drumheads by Premier
• Roklok tom holder 

color: Dark walnut fade