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Tama Imperialstar IP50H6N 5pc drum kit lease

Tama Imperialstar IP50H6N verhuur Tama Imperialstar IP50H6N 5pc drum kit lease

€ 90.00 tax included


Tama Imperialstar 5pc drum kit IP50H6N lease

deposit: 250,00 euros
rent / month: 90,00 euros
purchase: 150,00 EUR

The Tama Imperial star can be rent for 6 months for 90,00 euro a month. After 6 months you decide wether you want to return the drum kit (you get the deposit back) or you want to buy the drum kit. When buying the drum kit the deposit and paid rent is part of the payment. In total you pay: deposit + 6 months rent + purchase.

With almost 40 years of experience in producing drums, TAMA knows what drummers really want. With this in mind, Tama designed an affordable but durable drum set with many features that can be found in the more expensive series (such as Tama Silverstar, Superstar and Starclassic).
The result was the Tama Imperialstar. Every aspect of a modern drum set was examined, re-examined and then improved before it was accepted as part of the Imperialstar design.

The drum shells are made of 100% poplar wood, 8 layers, 7,5 mm thick. 
Poplar has a full and warm tone with medium attack.
The bearing edges are cut with the greatest precision. This allows the drum shell  fully resonate. This makes the drum set easy tunable and with a wide tuning range.
Instead of gluing just the ends of the drumwrap, the entire surface of the wrap is glued to the drumshell on the Imperialstar. This prevents wrinkles, air bubbles and vibrations. The shells can fully vibrate and resonate.
The lugs are 10% smaller than the earlier swingstar models.

This Tama Imperialstare comes with hardware included.

hardware: MTH600 double tom holder, HH45W hi-hat stand, HP200P Iron Cobra drum pedal, HS40W snare stand, HC43BW boom cymbal stand, HC42W straight cymbal stand, HT25 drum throne 
CymbalsMeinl HCS 14" hihat, 16" crash, 20" ride

Tama Imperialstar IP50H6N drum kit configurations:
TT: 10"x8"     
TT: 12"x9"
FT: 14"x14"     
BD: 20"x18"
SD: 14"x5"

Tama Imperialstar IP50H6N features:
• Hardware included (cymbal stands, pedal, stool,...)
• Meinl HCS141620 cymbal set
• Bassdrum accu hoop
• Omnisphere tom houder
• eye bolt tom brackets
• poplar shells 
• spur brackets for maximum stability

available colors: Blacked out Black with black nickel hardware (BBOB), Vintage red with black nickel hardware (BVTR), Sugar White with black nickel hardware (BSGW), Champagne mist (CHM), Midnight blue with chrome hardware(MNB), Hairline black with chrome hardware (HBK)