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Samsun cymbals

Samsun cymbals

Samsun cymbals originated from the long Turkish tradition of cymbal making of the Diril family. Samsun was founded by Mustafa Diril after having worked for, among other things. Istanbul cymbals. Unique is that you can determine the finish of the different cymbals yourself. Raw bell, hammered, fully lathed, .... The Samsun cymbals consist of the regular and raw series.


Samsun cymbals are produced by one of the traditional Turkish cymbal builders; Mustafa Diril. 
Mustafa learned the art of cymbal making at Istanbul cymbals, where he started at 17 years old. 
Since 1999 he builds his own traditional handmade cymbals, and in 2006, Samsun cymbals was born.

Samsun Cymbals stands for "tradition in progress".

Tradition doesn't mean to hold on to the past. It represents the respect and the tradition of cymbal making, by the old foreman, and to bring it to the future. Samsun cymbals are produced by the traditional recipe of the famous Turkish B20-bronze, craftsmanship (passed from generation to generation) and, last but not least the human coefficient is what makes SAMSUN cymbals special. Each cymbal is a unique piece with consistent quality. Tradition also means development; knowledge and skills are developed and enriched, but the essence remains untouched. Samsun manages to build beautiful cymbals that meet the modern music standards and gives musician gives a unique opportunity to create their personal and different style.

Innovative sound, durability, excellent design, better service and environmental acceptable standards are just a few values that are important in the development of Samsun cymbals. Samsun respects and honors the legacy of the old cymbal makers and has adapted it to today's challenges. Music and art have to raise awareness – for our neighbor, the environment and for our development as a society. Samsun cymbals feels obliged to forward these values and standards.

Samsun Cymbals has different series of cymbals from which you can choose. Different finishes are possible, each finish gives certain specific features to the Samsun cymbals.