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Gretsch drums

Gretsch drums

"That great Gretsch sound", this slogan sums it all up for Gretsch drums. Gretsch is building drums since 1883. With over 130 years of experience, Gretsch is a top brand that delivers drum sets all over the world.
This iconic drum brand is still located in Ridgeland, South-Carolina, USA.

Gretsch drums are very versatile, for every style of drummer and budget, there's a kit available.
These Gretsch drum sets are available in different configurations. You can chose from Gretsch Energy, Gretsch Catalina maple series, Gretsch Catalina club series, Gretsch USA brooklyn and Gretsch USA broadcaster.Separate parts (Toms, floortoms, bassdrum,...) are available on demand.


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