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Dixon drums

Dixon drums

Dixon drums is mainly known for their drum hardware. Less well known is the fact that for many years Dixon produced drums and accessories for several well known drum brands. Thanks to their many years of experience and know-how, they are able to produce top-quality drum sets at very attractive prices. At Dixon drums you get absolutely more than expected. 
Therefore it is not surprising that a legend as the late John Blackwell (Prince, P-Diddy, Justin Timberlake, ...) chose to play Dixon. 

You can choose from the Dixon Fuse, an affordable drum kit suitable for each level. 
In addition, you have the Dixon Blaze drum kits. A professional drum kit that offers much more than you expect for this price. 
Finally, there is the Dixon Artisan series drum. This drum kit is custom built to your own specific needs. 

We are proud to be official dealer for Dixon Drums. Dixon, a sound choice.