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Drum set

Drum set (drum kit)

Our drum sets are available in various configurations of different brands. Whether you're looking for an affordable drum set to begin or you are an experienced drummer, we have a drum set for each drummer and every budget available. 
You can choose from Gretsch drums, DW-drums, PDP, Dixon, STAGG, Drumcraft ... 

Are you still not sure about the purchase, then you can also choose to rent or lease a drum.


Do you want to learn to drum or start playing drums, then you are at the right place for high quality starter drums or drum kit at a reasonable price. With this drum entry level models you can continue playing for years. 
You can choose from (beginners) drum sets by STAGG, Drumcraft, Dixon, PDP and Gretsch drums. 
On all our drum sets you have a 1-year warranty. 
Not only as a novice drummer, but also, as an advanced or (semi-) professional drummer you've come to the right place. We have chosen to offer great, high-quality, professional drum sets from less known brands. 
This professional and semi professional drum sets are authentic drum sets of superior quality. 
So you can opt for drums (drum sets) of British drum Company (made in UK), Canopus (made in Japan), DSDrums (made in Italy).  Feel free to contact us for additional information or other questions.