Welcome to a3drums. The drum webshop for drums, DIY drum supplies & parts, customizing and drum building.

We have translated our passion for drumming in our custom drum webshop. We offer a variety of drum shells, drum supplies and parts for DIY drum building and customizing. We also build your custom drum or snaredrum the way you want it.
Besides drum building parts we offer a variety of some of the top drum brands. You can choose from drums and snaredrums of DW-drums, Gretsch, Canopus drums, PDP drums, Dixon drums, a3 drums and some beginner drum kits from Drumcraft, Dixon and STAGG.
Electronic drums are available from KAT Percussion and Roland drums.
Our cymbal range includes Paiste cymbals, Murat Diril cymbals, Zildjian and Samsun Cymbals.

Custom acrylic shell set
Custom acrylic shell set
Custom acrylic shell set
Custom black nickel snare drum

Drum shells

We have a wide variety of drum shells available in our drum webshop. Wooden ply shells of African Mahogany, birch, chestnut, bubinga, maple, wengé, beech,... 
You can also find Acrylic drum shells in our shop.
The drum shells range from 6"-26" and 2"-39" depth.

Drum parts / drum supplies

We have a wide variety of drum building parts and supplies in our webshop for DIY drum building or customizing. Build your own drum or snaredrum with our drum lugs and nut boxes, snare strainer / throw off, snare wire, air vent, drum heads, drum hoops, and much more.

Custom drums and snaredrums

We do not only sell drum building parts, but we also build your custom drum or snaredrum.
You decide what you want and how it's done. 
Take a look at our custom snaredrums in our drum webshop.

Drums and snaredrums

Beside our drum building supplies for DIY drum building or customizing you can also find drums and snaredrums from the best brands, DW-drums, Gretsch drums, Canopus drums, Dixon drums, British drum Co. Take 

Cymbals, drum heads and drum sticks

Also cymbals, drum heads and drum sticks from the best brands are available in the webshop.
Vic Firth, Los Cabos and Stagg drum sticks. Cymbals from Zildjian, paiste, Samsun cymbals and Murat Diril.
Drum heads from Remo.


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