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Drum shells wood

Drum shells (wood)

We have two types of wooden ply drum shells. De 7 ply cross laminated drum shells and the 3 ply (or4) laminated wooden drum shells.  It is possible to compose your own drum shell from different wood types. Please contact us for your inquiry.


At a3drums we have different drum shells available for toms, floor tom, snare drum and bass drum. Each wood type has its own specific look, feel and sound. You can choose from maple, birch, beech, ash, wengé, bubinga, mahogany and chestnut drum shells. We have a variety of other shelltypes that can be ordered. You can find these drum shells in "shells on order". Please feel free to contact us for price and delivery time. 

Drum shells for DIY drum building or customizing. Build your own drum or snaredrum.