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Drum sticks

Vic Firth drum sticks

We are official retailer of Vic Firth drum stick, therefore most of the Vic Firth models are available. We have the standard vic firth drum sticks in stock (Vic Firth 5A, 5AN, Vic Firth 7A, 7AN, Vic Firth 5B, 5BN,...). Other Vic Firth drum sticks are available on order.

Los cabos drum sticks

Besides Vic Firth we are retailer of the Canadian brand Los Cabos drum sticks. The Los Cabos drum sticks are available in red hickory, white hickory and maple.

Basic drum sticks

Our standard drum sticks are available in three wood types; American Hickory, maple and oak.
They are available in 7A, 5A and Rock.