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Gretsch energy drum kit

Gretsch Energy drumset be Gretsch energy drum kit

€ 699.00 tax included


Gretsch energy drum kit

The Gretsch energy drum set is a great starter kit with all the great Gretsch features.
This drum set comes with 5 pcs hardware package (hihat stand, 2 cymbal stands, drum pedal, snare drum stand) and cymbals included (13" hihat, 16" crash and 20" ride).
The shells are made of 7-ply poplar wood with 30° bearing edges. The toms are equipped with 1,6mm triple flanged hoops and all drum heads are made by Remo.

Gretsch energy drumset features :

BD : 20"x16"
TT : 10"x7"
TT : 12"x8x
FT : 14"x14"
SD : 14"x5,5" 

wood type : Poplar 7-ply 
bearing edges : 30°
hoops : 1,6mm triple flanged
drumheads : remo